IPM Reports

These reports offer a close look at IPM’s clinical trials and R&D process, access to future microbicide products and how microbicides advance global development. Scroll through or use the Filtered Search bar in the left sidebar to locate IPM reports by keyword, language or year published

May 2016

New Technologies for Women's HIV Prevention: The Payoff for Sustainable Development

New technologies for women that prevent HIV and unintended pregnancy could have an enormous payoff for sustainable development: a future free of AIDS, where women and girls thrive, and their... More »

October 2010

HIV/AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals: Microbicides and the Need for Long-Term Prevention

In 2001, 189 United Nations member states adopted the eight MDGs, a universal framework for development that envisions a better future for all people. The nations set a date of 2015 to meet these... More »

October 2008

IPM Consensus Statement on Resistance

Questions related to the potential for HIV drug resistance have been discussed since the first considerations of ARV-based vaginal microbicides. This document offers insights into the issue as well... More »

August 2008

Microbicides Access Forum 2008 Final Report

The report from the second Microbicide Access Forum (MAF) offers a detailed summary of discussion evaluating the current state of access planning, and lessons learned from the introduction of health... More »

July 2007

Microbicides Access Forum 2007 Draft Report

This Policy & Access Paper details the discussion and decisions of the first Microbicide Access Forum (MAF), which provided an important opportunity to engage experts within and beyond the... More »